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Climate Change

This information  represents years of research and participation in U.N. Climate Change meetings. Much of the information was developed at various meetings by Sovereignty International representatives.

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Sovereignty International, Inc., focuses on threats to national sovereignty in  public policies, international treaties and agreements, and in educational and cultural trends.  Representatives of Sovereignty International have attended  U.N. meetings around the world since the mid 1990s, reporting back to American audiences through live radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, and printed special reports.  Much of this information is collected here for your research.  

Global GovernancE

Since the League of Nations, the world has been moving toward a system of global governance.   After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the United Nations launched into a full-court press to push toward that goal. Policies within the U.S. have helped move this agenda forward.

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Sustainable Development

This section provides an in-depth understanding of the events and the people who gave rise to the concept of Sustainable Development  and  how it was advanced into public policy.